Build a first - class enterprise

Foster first- class talent

Make first - class contribution to society

We believe optical communications remains a crucial part of our life for generations to come. We are committed to be an important participant of fiber optical communication community. We have our mission to develop and manufacture increasingly better products to customers in a way that is conducive to social development, and make our own contribution to creating an even faster, cleaner and more closely connected world for the coming future.


  • One T&S, one goal.
    We succeed together through teamwork;
    We value inclusivity and diverse opinions;
    We refuse silent disagreements.

  • We invest in talent
    We attract the best talent;
    We pay for excellent performance;
    We actively develop all employees and promote from within.

  • Continuous improvement
    Continuous improvement is T&S way of life;
    We improve quality, delivery and cost;
    We eliminate waste from all processes.

  • Customers define our success
    We keep our promises to our customers;
    We create value for our customers.

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